How to use silicone and realistic dolls?

Realistic dolls are designed with the characteristic details of a human. So, there are sex dolls in female and male version, even baby.

Technical data of a silicone doll adult version

The adult doll in miniature measures 145 cm and weighs 30 kg, the one in male mode measures 168 cm and weighs 50 kg. It has a flexible and foldable skeletal structure that allows its user to place it in any place. The doll can bend her legs and sit, bend her knees and spread her thighs, move her hips, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and head. It is possible to change one's head into an Asian or rather Russian face, or even black. The same goes for the hair, which is natural, can be changed into different types of wigs according to the owner's desire. The silicone doll can be sterilized, but it is not as durable as the TPE version. Its use is recommended because repairing a silicone love doll can cost money.

How to use a silicone doll?

It is possible that the skeletal infrastructure of the doll will not withstand a hard shock. Hard sex should be moderated. To maintain the silicone skin of the doll, it is enough to put baby powder, because the cosmetic products are sometimes deceiving and the silicone is really very fragile there. Only, it can bathe the doll, with a certain temperature of water. Normally, the doll is made up by its creator with indelible paint, but it is possible that with time, the paints fade, so you can use high quality makeup. It is possible to buy a doll's eyes, nails, vagina or penis, and to repair broken parts.

Note that a medium-sized adult silicone doll can cost between 2,500 and 9,000 euros, for minimalist dolls, they are priced from 1,500 euros and more, and for silicone accessories, they are sold from 100 euros.

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