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The 18 year old girl is quiet in the gymnasium of her high school when the gentleman approaches her. They talk for a few minutes and the guy makes her laugh. She feels relaxed and he pays her a compliment abiut her beautiful eyes. In her sexy sporting clothes the guy cannot contain the urge to gently touch her, and to judge her response. The girl does not refuse, however, that this handsome stranger is so confident to begin to gently caress her. On the contrary, she loves it. The guy feels her relaxed manner as she moves closer to him and he caresses under her shirt and across her bra, brushing across and against her nipples through the t-shirt, such that he can feel them stiffen and harden to his touch - the tiny nipples pointing outward and so sensitive to his touch. Then the guy continues his caresses on the thighs of the young woman. His hands slip between her thighs, as she parts them to allow him access to her wet pussy, already obvious through her panties and showing him that her pussy is ready for more than his fingers to be inside her. The guy still wants to put her at ease before and so he slides his hand into her panties to reach the sweet pussy lips of this teen, rubbing against her clitoris as he teases her with his fingers on her pussy lips. As he makes to penetrate her with first one finger, pushing and grinding inside her the little teen whsipers small cries of satisfactions by praying the gentleman not to stop. He grants her her wishes as a second finger joins the first inside her, her wetness easily accomodating him as she ground her pussy against him. 

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This unusual couple continue with their homemade porn sex video as the guy moves onwards in his seduction of this hot, messy teen by manouevering her onto the ground onto a soft gym mat. While in this position, he takes off her panties, slowly easing them down her thighs untl they are removed and she is exposed to him . He raises her ass until her pussy is in front of his face and he sucks and licks this pink and fresh pussy. It is perhaps no surpise that with her levels of excitement barely containable it is not very complicated for this hot teen to reach her ecstasy at that moment as she came on his tongue as his fingers worked inside her tight, wet pussy. After this good cunni, the little teen is finally ready for a crazy fuck. She helps the guy to undo his trousers and pulls out his cock and helps him to insert his hot hard cock into her tight little hole. She is so wet that he penetrates her in one stroke as she feels his hot cock inside her delivering more pleasure to her as well as to him as he thrusts into her faster and faster. The teen girl moans and is super excited, she so loves what this new stranger is able to do for her sexually. This sensual sensation invades him too and with the heat and this kind of sexual electricity it finally leads her to orgasm once again and for him to cum inside her with a huge ejaculation of sperm that he continued to drive hard inside her until they both felt the instensity of their sexual journey recede. After a few minutes the girl recovered her panties and compsure and thanksed the gentlemen for this wonderful experience. He too complimented her on her adventuressness and they agreed to meet the same time next week to continue their sexual exporation. 


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